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Growtopia unlimited gems hack revealed December 13, 2016

Being an awesome player in Growtopia


If you have just started playing Growtopia, you could be intimidated by other top players you are dreaming of becoming. You should know too well that being an awesome player stretches to helping other players too. While there are some Growtopia Hacks that you could utilize, being a supportive player is an entirely different story. Here are some tips that you should always keep in mind.


Share items

As much as possible, you should share items to other players even if you only have few items in your world. If you have stuff that you don’t need anymore, then you could give it to players who need it more than you.

Make sure that you don’t let the greed control your decisions on the game because this is an interactive game and you are supposed to be supporting others as well as yourself.



Help other players

As what we have mentioned above, help other players now and then. You could lend them your knowledge on something that they have no idea what they need to do and give some tips to improve their world. Building a good relationship with other players is always a must in playing any interactive game out there.


Compliment other players

There are some players who got bullied even in playing Growtopia. While there are mods who are trying to maintain the peace in the game, the occurrence is inevitable. Do not bully them. Instead, you should compliment them on something that they have done. For instance, you’ve visited their world, and you noticed that their house is nicely done so make sure that let them know it so that they will be motivated to do better the next time around.


Teaching other players

You should teach other players on everything that you know too. You can share tips and tricks in improving both worlds. If someone taught you something and you notice that a certain player needs help to improve, why not talk to him and teach him on what he needs to do? In that way, you will both improve in playing the game.


Do not scam

As much as possible, avoid scamming because you will eventually lose the trust of other players if you tend to do so. Do not just think of yourself and scam because it can sometimes cause conflicts. Work in your way and improve with all your hard work.


Try to be polite

When you are talking to each other, do not be rude or do not curse because you will eventually get a punishment. Even without punishment, you should always be polite when talking to other people especially to strangers. Avoid committing a crime and dragging other players down because it could affect their improvement in playing the game. Also, you need to know that the developer of the Growtopia can easily determine if you are rude or you are cursing because all the chat boxes are logged into it.


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