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Hack Tool for SimCity BuildIt really works on your smartphone December 8, 2016

What You Need to Know About SimCity Buildit

If you are familiar with Electronic Art simulation games, SimCity Buildit must be a game you have previously heard. The city simulation game has been available since last year globally and until recently, the game has been downloaded by more than 1,5 million Android users on Google Play and also a significant number on iTunes. On both platforms, you can find that the players rate this game above four stars.


How does SimCity Buildit achieve such popularity?

SimCity Buildit was even touted as the best simulation game of the year. Despite the skepticism many people had for mobile simulation games, the game proved to be worth to play. The game is free to play, or in other words, free. Of course, there are some in-app purchases we can make to be able to play the game easier, yet it is possible to win without paying a single dime. By just following the tutorial the first 10 minutes we play the game, we will already master the main features in the game and play it smoothly.

SimCity Buildit has a good graphic yet does not require tough CPU or GPU power. The package arrived exactly as what the fans expected. The combination of graphic quality, easy controls, and dynamic camera angles arrangement made the mobile game easy to understand in 5 minutes and easy to enjoy until hours. However, the game is challenging enough that many people try to get their hands on Simcity Buildit online tool hack.


The gameplay

After days of playing the game, some players I feel that instead becoming a major, they are more like running building materials store. It has something to do with the free to play system where the resources and currencies are being arranged or limited in such a way that tempts players to switch to in-app purchases. To be precise, there is Simoleons and SimCash system which the developer expects you to experience.

In SimCity Buildit, Factory is perhaps the most important key in the development of our metropolitan cities. From our Factory, we can produce raw materials. These raw materials such as metals, plastic, timber, etc are very important. Yet, we don’t directly use them to build. We have to process these materials in one of the many Stores because each different type of building requires different materials. Yet, not all these raw materials can be stored because we have limited storage capacity. To expand the capacity, we will need to make in-app purchases.

How to be rich quickly

Sometimes, we also fail to build because we don’t have enough Simoleons. Luckily, there are some tricks to get an abundant of Simoleons without having to make in-app purchases. Try these methods before using SimCity Buildit Hack online tool on

  1. Take care of basic buildings

The most important thing to consider while playing this game is to try not to make citizens run to other cities and keep inviting citizens to live in our city. Because the more citizen lives, the more tax income we receive.

It is also helpful to befriend many players in the game since we can visit their cities and see their trading posts. This way, we can get cheaper materials.

  1. Create a productive city

To make a productive city, we can do it by trying to make factories busy, upgrading City Storage as quick as possible, and being always ready with basic tools and materials.


  1. Make the citizens happy.


By making citizens, happy, we can get easier, faster cash. There are many ways to do it, such as not putting residential near factories or buildings which cause pollutions. Giving a good service is very important here.

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